All You Need Is Wall Decal

Many people want their walls to look original and modern. But wallpapers and simple painting look ordinary and too obvious. Nowadays the most interesting and simple way of wall decoration is to use decal design. The term «Decal» came from French word which means «decalcomania». Decal technology is a kind of art that transfers particular design from special paper to another surface (wood, metal, porcelain). All these you can easily use if you write my essay x on this topic. But how to use decal paper? Unlike a similar and confusing word «sticker» which is deleted from paper and paste elsewhere, these decals are being moved from the paper sheet to a polished surface. There are two main types of decalcomania: waterslide and vinyl decals.

Let’s check how to apply decals. They are transported on a layer of water-resistant glue on a paper that must first be dipped into water (before its application). After water contact, the glue is loosened and the decal can be removed. Besides, vinyl decal has adhesive backing that can be moved by flaking off its base.

You Need Is Wall Decal

What is decal paper? It is special paper that is easy to use in design and which can be attached to most surfaces including: plastics (planes, trains), glass (trophies, clocks), wax (candles), wood (furniture, crafts), metal, cardboard (boxes, packages), tile (in kitchen, bathroom, hall), ceramics and enamel. The majority of decal papers is used for indoor decoration, but there are types that have waterproof and withstand moisture features, and are high or low temperature resistant. So before choosing decal paper, it’s necessary to decide what purposes it will be used for.

There are several tips answering the question «How to apply water transfer decals». At first surface must be prepared. Applying waterslide decals is also important to have glossed, flat and clean surface to stick the decals. After that, you should put the decal on the surface of the water and leave it for 25 or more seconds. Then take away excess water and slide the decal off the backing paper onto the surface and correct the position of the decal. When the decal is placed correctly use a towel to soak up remaining moisture. Now with these steps, it’s pretty clear how to apply water decals.

Decal technologies are used widely today to beautify some house ware (for example windows, mirrors) to attach some ornaments to a vehicle (car, motorbike) or even to adorn nails. Wall decal is one of the contemporary methods of decal application. It’s a vinyl or waterslide pictures that made from high-quality and transferred to a wall for design and decoration. It’s quite easy to apply decals and remove them from the wall without visible damage so it can be unstuck at any time. A lot of types and sizes offer a great choice of interesting pictures, emblems and letters. Trees, animals, flowers, butterflies, cartoon heroes make your wall look lively and individual. Wall decal with its reasonable price will help create fashionable and at the same time cozy atmosphere of any room of your house.

So, follow us to get latest news and get up-to-date information about decal paper ideas, service, shops and etc. There are much more interesting thing which you can apply :)