How to Choose and Apply Wall Decals

Wall decal is a permanent picture to be applied onto a wall. It really helps to create some special atmosphere in your home, decorating it the way you like. Decals are applied in a few steps, so you have just to choose the right picture that will match your mood and an overall aura of the home, everything else will be done quickly and successfully if you try hard enough.

Some people prefer painting walls themselves, but if you have no skills or time, wall decal is just a perfect choice. There’re so many different types of decals with different pictures on different themes. If you want a unique one, you can make an order and a company providing this kind of service will make one for you!

How To Apply Wall Decals?

Actually, in order to apply decals you have to execute only two steps.

First, you have to prepare the surface.

Select a place in the room, appropriate for the picture. Any bare wall will be nice, you can later decorate it with photos or whatever to make your wall decal even more special. After choosing the right place, make some measurements to be sure your decal will fit perfectly.

How To Apply Wall Decals

Take notes of the process, if you want to. This can help you to see the whole picture.

Try to locate a decal according to your notes and measurements, if it doesn’t fit, fix it in any way. Don’t forget to choose colors that won’t make your eyes sore, the picture has to be in harmony with the style of your home, so this is where your fantasy has to be switched on.

Before applying a decal, you have to clean the wall. Remove all the dirt, dust and oil. This is a very important step, because if the wall is dirty, your decal won’t apply evenly. Remove everything with a damp sponge, if there’s oil, try to use a little bit of soap or spirit. Dry the wall before applying the decal.

While the wall is getting dry, check your measurements once more in order to apply decals perfectly. After you start, there will be no way back, so you have to be sure this is the right decision. Removing the picture will make it non-reusable.

With the back-paper on, tape the decal to the surface. If it fits and looks nice, take a pencil and point the edges on the wall, and move to the next step.

The second step is applying the decal itself.

Place the picture, using all your accuracy. The main problem of how to apply wall decals is, actually, the accuracy, so try to move the picture as close to the guideline you created, as possible. Then remove a thin covering that protects the decal itself. Stick the decal slowly, work inch by inch to apply it evenly. Make sure there are no air bubbles, they won’t look cool.

The second step is applying the decal itself

As the final point here goes a squeegee work. Use it to smooth the surface to remove all the bubbles you didn’t notice while applying. An important point on how to apply decals is moving from the center outwards. If you find a bubble, push it towards the edge and it will be removed. Your main aim here is a smooth surface.

After this, you can finally remove the paper backing. It’s important to know how to use decal paper, you have to remove the backing accurately not to spoil all the work you’ve done so far. If you have trouble with replacing the backing, use a damp sponge. After removing, all you have to do is just look at it and be (hopefully) satisfied.

Knowing how to apply decals will make your home more special and cozy, your mood will get better and you’ll have plus one more skill to be proud of. Make a present to you, your family and your home by decorating it this way. Use special decals for Christmas or decals for Valentine’s Day or any other special day for you to create a holiday atmosphere!